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Come to Life.

Psychotherapy helps people to feel more alive, more like their true selves, and more present for the lives that they lead.


I have had the privilege to witness and assist in this enlivening process throughout my psychotherapy practice. I have found that when people feel truly known and understood by another, and are able to share the parts of their world they have only ever experienced alone, real transformation is possible.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and have provided psychotherapy to adults, couples, and adolescents in my private practice since 2005. I offer practical help for a wide variety of issues, including difficulty in relationships, conflicts with others, or simply the feeling that your life isn't going the direction you want. I will help you take an honest look at the issue, understand the feelings you're having, and think with you about what to do next.


My style is straightforward, active, inviting, and honest, and I encourage our thinking creatively together about your situation. I will openly share my thoughts and ideas with you, and will focus on making sure our collaboration is working for you.


In some ways, a life problem is like a nagging injury: it's okay to push through a little pain, but ignoring it for too long can lead to more serious damage later. I'll help you determine what is needed in your life to make a good solid repair.


My practice has been quite varied, and I have successfully treated a wide range of presenting issues. A few specific areas of specialty include social anxiety, relationship dynamics, depression, and issues relating to sexuality and gender. I work particularly well with those who may be newer to therapy or hesitant to tap into into emotions. Other areas of expertise include trauma, grief work, addiction recovery, and LGBT teens and adults.

Please note that I work remotely with all California patients. In-person sessions are available at my Southeast Portland office.


To make an appointment or for more information, please call me at (510) 594-4331.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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