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If you are considering psychotherapy, but have some questions or reservations, give me a call. I will be happy to discuss these in a phone consultation. I will also ask you to briefly describe your situation and what you would like to work on in therapy. I will let you know frankly if this is something that I think psychotherapy can address, and if I think I could be able to help.


Generally, the best way that we can determine if it is a good fit between us is to meet for an initial session, and to consider how the hour feels for each of us. While this may be clear in the first session, it may take a few sessions to decide if we are a match. I will facilitate our discussing this openly.


My fee is $190 per fifty-minute session. I do not accept private insurance, but will be able to provide a receipt if your insurance company offers reimbursement of the cost, or if you are using an HSA or FSA. In cases of clear financial need, I have a limited number of reduced-fee openings in my schedule. If this is a serious concern for you, let me know, and we can discuss this option further. If I am not able to accommodate you, I will recommend other resources for low-fee therapy in the area.


For psychotherapy to be effective, we will need to meet at least once a week. Sometimes, people opt to come more often, and find more frequent meetings to be a more powerful tool. We can discuss if more intensive work could be beneficial to you.

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