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Clinical Supervision and Consultation

I provide supervision and consultation to clinicians interested in developing skill in relational and psychoanalytic approaches both in private practice and agency settings. My approach emphasizes the therapist's use of self in the therapy relationship, exploration of transference and countertransference, listening for derivative and latent content, and use of the therapist's reverie as a window to unconscious material in the therapy.

I began to supervise graduate-level interns in the agency setting in 2003, and have an extensive background working with teens, parents, and families in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment, day treatment classrooms, mainstream high schools, and acute medical settings. In addition to my areas of clinical specialty as a therapist, I have extensive experience supervising child therapy and parenting support, as well as supervising clinicians in demanding and high-pressure settings. I apply psychodynamic group theory to make sense of agency and treatment team dynamics, and incorporate an awareness of racism, sexism, classism, and social justice throughout my thinking about clinical work.

I also offer consultation to newly licensed or early-career clinicians who are interested in establishing private practice. This includes supporting the practical aspects of this transition, as well as the developing one's professional identity and therapeutic approach, and addressing the clinical and ethical dilemmas that can emerge early in private practice.

Finally, I have extensive experience in psychosocial assessment interviewing, formulation, and writing, and in teaching these skills to others. I offer both brief and ongoing instruction in crafting detailed and sophisticated assessments and treatment plans, and helping clinicians build confidence in their writing skills. 

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